PurePRP®II GenesisCS Component Concentrating System

PurePRP® II is an autologous cellular biologic that has become standard of care for many treatment modalities. In today’s world fo regenerative medicine, clinicians are requiring products that are not only clinically effective but also have the versatility to provide for specific treatment requirements. This may include therapeutic strength PRP with high neutrophils and nominal red blood cells. Some physicians may require a bioregenerative fibrinogen matrix scaffold to support PRP retention and sustain growth factor release. Others may require protein compositions to help mitigate cellular degradation. Whatever the need, PurePRP® II has the biologic versatility to be an integral part of the treatment modality.

One System Two Protocols

Protocol A

Protocol A processes PurePRP® without red blood cells or neutrophil granulocytes. This protocol is used when powerful healing without inflammatory activity is required at the application site. This protocol is also the low viscosity solution to a viable PRP product, providing very high concentrations of platelets in a bath of non-viscous plasma. This protocol has also been reported to reduce the potential for pain at the application site. It is the most frequently used protocol.

Low Inflammatory PRP

High Platelet Count

Low Granulocyte

Low Viscosity

Less than 1% HCT

Protocol B

Protocol B processes PurePRP® with low red blood cell counts and very high cytokine activity and neutrophil cell recoveries. This protocol is used when the phagocytic powers of neutrophils are needed to help fight infectious processes at the application site. This protocol produces the highest chemoattractant activity and significantly increases regeneration potential. Once the neutrophils have completed phagocytosis, they become apoptic cells and are subsequently removed, thereby also eliminating the inflammatory activity.

Infection Fighting PRP with Increased Cytokines

Higher Platelet Count

High Neutrophil Granulocytes

Moderate Viscosity

HCT Less than 20%

Features and Benefits

PurePRP® II is unique in that it greatly enhances monocyte concentrations, while giving the end user control over the amount of neutrophils they would like to add to their PRP preparation. PurePRP® II takes advantage of the long term phagocytic and protective properties of the monocytes while avoiding the potential harmful inflammation incurred by large concentrations of neutrophils that go through cellular necrosis. This is another differentiating factor that help to explain the natural success of PurePRP® II in patient outcomes.