MatrixOI® Block and Strip

Matrix OI® Block and Strip is a compressible Stem Cell Containment™ matrix derived from 100% human bone.

Each lot of Matrix OI® is tested for osteoinductivity post sterilization in-vivo for 28 days in an athymic rat to ensure the presence of bone morphogenic proteins. BMP’s promote mesenchymal (BMA) cells to differentiate into chondrocytes and osteoblasts that lead to bone formation. Preserved native BMP’s provide for an unparalleled osteoactive grafting material.

Matrix OI® is processed using CellRight Technologies® next-generation proprietary processing method that maintains the interconnected structure of trabecular bone in a manner that preserves native bone morphogenic proteins. It allows the clinician to hydrate it with the patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or other cellular components in accordance with a physicians well-informed medical judgment.

Cervical and lumbar spine

Bone voids

Foot and ankle



Dental procedures

Lateral gutters




Features and Benefits

Osteoinductive – each lot is in-vivo tested and each lot is assayed
Sterile – Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
Resists migration
100% bone – no additional carrier
Available in custom sizes
Hydrates in minutes
Ambient storage and shipping temperatures
Five year shelf-life